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unseen world pt ii ark sz

[lonnie b]
see, we still unseen, know what im saying?
still unseen, and since you still looking
were gonna bring it

[danja mowf]
yo, the mistake that is made many times that which aches in my mind
is when fakes try to rhyme and they take petty lines
to put stakes against mine but i breaks them like spines
cause i make plenty rhymes that are dimes
im often misunderstood cause i never soften, would
you look as good in a coffin, should
you think twice or thrice your lady
was on my knot getting hot in a shady spot
screaming "give me what you got"
dont stop get it get it, when i hit it hit it
shit its hard being me
did it did it occur that you aint seeing me?
quit it quit it, give up the mic device b
cause youll never be as nice as me, g, forget it
i lit it like ge cause me-ee be-ee
the-ee d-ee a-n-j-a m-o-w-f, ee hee
you crack me up like hump-deehee dump-deehee
just for thinking you can see me

[speedis toine]
how should i attack this? me the cool cat like ratcliff
for all the mcs who act as if i wont flip them on a cactus
point me towards the mattress
i make your career go backwards like a dyslexic actress
you shouldnt try to attack this, i use you mcs for practice
while i greet you back with
something that your front took straight up that just been ate up
while you went to sleep seems you couldnt wait up
kill you again and again, cant stop or wont stop
til i squeeze your body into a dot
very rarely do i break up the work you cant make up
stains so strong bounty couldnt take up, so wake up
imagine over 100 dinosaurs attacking you
thats my crew, straight from the va zoo
keep your head up or be ready to die
yours truly, supafriendz franchise, oops, we caught you by suprise

[mad skillz]
while you niggas get upset, im a get to the point
its me, the nigga that slayed "e" on the vowel joint
and a thousand attempts have been made to stop this
the niggas who talk shit and got sit, im a fill your 40 bottles with hot piss
against the grain the?paraquan? is insane
shorty, you the aft, im in the cockpit of the plane
im running through niggas, verbal abuse to do niggas
split one niggas opinion and have him thinking like two niggas
a rhyming nightmare for all you dreamers
you want to fall? im on top of the game like an arena
i got your bitch on me attack this
while your wack ass swole at home fucking the hole in your mattress
the fact is that you ought to know the half
my staffs better, we bag the cheddar like kraft
so fuck yapping, i specialize in mc slapping
i give a fuck about these noncircumsized niggas rapping
if words had actions, mine would be crazy
and yours would make about as much noise as a stillborn baby
so put it back in the womb nigga and remix it
see the shit is coming straight so you aint got to get it twisted
im dead aim, so fuck being a target
son you wouldnt blow up if you was giving head on the
top floor of the fucking stock market
so flip your jibs and dodge your bids
im trying to get my ends to meet, fuck, and have some kids

your preceptual attributes seem odd
in my face youll see the indescribable beauty of god
i slay rappers in the euthanasia
beauty of the next is swift paragraphs is infectious
like the menegitis mind of conceptual inventions
that only hold murderous intentions
i shine in the nimbus, touch entities which leaves mcs
stuck in between parenthesis cause my
frequency consumes attitives from 50 year old secrecy rooms
i got the spielberg, the ill-berg, the real words
that actually baffles and kills nerds
and halts and brain falls new days
cause i walk in the image of the one you praise
im labeled as the unconcievable
or absolutely, completely, utterly unbelievable

i write horrific, rotate my journals like polaris
murder messiah, upon grave death i cherish
guard the barracks like ls, so who you swearing at?
set to lead a nation of terrorists like everfrag
when described my voice travels through liquid interludes
decapitating apostles in cerimonal underground duels
child the greater, ever after war is fatal
air strike tiger force, marine the ocean naval
take a wiff of this contagious, mt. olympus
digest the flesh of rappers like im poetically carniverous
conquest built on starting crusades and riots
putting yellow journalists under pressure to keep quiet
about the crew with this treacherous sound in this orbit
we move forward with unauthorized severe orphans
javon the black emperor, let the poison be administered
then watch your body mathematically like integer
no way of escaping the deaths and graphs of harm
sign your biblical will with dead angel arms

[lil rock]
im put on the earth route to do things, known by two names
the voter lil rock, yo lets start a new game
im a throw docks at the clowns with quarter moon fame
get attached to the minor shit we gonna shoot game
sharpshooter, smooth aim, can flash two flames
you play niggas fuck around and get hung by fat shoestrings
bottle with a hat and a cane like bruce wayne
see it coming to a nigga, and my crew insane
me and shawnie poo swing, gin and juice who swings
and they thing we all about that weed
i got a plan to make some grands in the southern pot lands
and its said for all to see
if we was teams you would forfeit
took a long road with tims and walked it
rap rules i absorbed it and still get high
colnel strong the main target is to reach the organ with some
flavors that be distorted, if they real inside, so take heed
and bring your punk ass to justice league
it aint going to be no warm welcome me

[lonnie b]
i dedicate this to those who ask me "lonnie, when your shit going to drop?"
in a minute, yeah, its time for me to get my props
and blow the spot up, niggas making loot hold your knot up
my friends be super like the cat (don dada)
i aint scared of no man, you want it you can get it
we can battle on the phone, your girl got my digits
what? im a player with more game than your sega
had your girl shaking like a hustlers pager when i ate her
banged her from the back, bust one off on her butt cheeks
she went and told her friends now they all want to fuck me
>from the cute to the ugly, skinny to the chubby
these seven inches they like the way i work it, money
im on top of the world like da brat and im soso def
that i should use a hearing aid for my logo
yall get the photo, and now youre too slow, yo
(woop woop) thats the sound of the po po
im 5 foot 10, 200 lbs
known citywide from holland park to belle mead
been rapping 10 years, aint shit yall can tell me
bagged so many dimes i should stop rapping and sell weed


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