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phone tag ark sz

"hello, you have eight messages"
"if youd like to make a call, please hang up and try again.
if you need help; hang up, and then dial your operator."

[lonnie b]
yo danja, i see youre not at home
its me lonnie b tryin to catch you on the phone
i got some bad news i seen your girl at the park
chillin on the deelow with this dude named mark
now i aint one to gossip and i know how you are
but it was her for real i seen them kissin in her car
i wouldnt bring it to you if i thought it wasnt true
so hit me on my box tell me what you wanna do

[danja mowf]
aiyyo lonnie, you sure you seen my shorty?
chillin at the park with a nigga gettin naughty? (yup)
let me get the forty... four, ima buck her
dangelo style, shit damn motherfucker! (calm down brother)
hold up, wait let me think
first i gotta go take a trip to the bank (uh-huh)
transfer all the funds, cancel credit cards
as we speak im throwin all her clothes in the yard (pssh, man)
things she cant pronounce, things she cant afford
things she cant... hold up, im tangled in the cord
here she comes now, you know what time it is
meet me at the james ima throw her off the bridge

[mike street]
aiyyo danja, i see youre not at home
this is mike street tryin to catch you on the phone
i got some bad news, im up here at the station
i heard the p.d. wont put you in rotation
son i tried to save ya, and play you on the flava
but he kept flippin on some ill type behavior
i told him you were hot but he didnt have a clue
hit me on the cell and tell me what you wanna do

[danja mowf]
aiyyo street (mowwwwf) what da deal?
brothers tryin to take me off the radio for real? (yeahhh)
why they wanna ill? i just dont understand
but if they wanna play rough, check it heres the plan (a-ight)
your man gettin off around six (uh-huh)
ill be in the van at the five oclock mix (right)
ski mask and black gloves, ready to attack cuz
and snatch him in the back of, the van for tryin to act up (what?)
drop squad style, blindfold him, hold him, scold him
bout the things that you told him
but if he wont cooperate you know what time it is (what?)
6:30, james river, im throwin him off the bridge (bet)

[shawnee poo]
aiyyo danja, i see youre not at home
but this is shawnee poo tryin to catch you on the phone
i got some bad news, i hope you sittin down
some kids from crosstown tryin to steal your whole sound
and not just that, they bustin on your mens
they say they battle supafriendz and only got wins
i know you not gon let them diss you and your crew
so hit me at the crib and tell me what you wanna do

[danja mowf]
word shawnee poo? they tryin to diss my crew?
and on the downlow tryin to get my sound too? (yup)
especially round you! "disorganized" my peeps
time to let em know, supafriendz play for keeps (gotcha back)
call ray, joe, wally and lil rock
tell em meet me on the block half past six oclock
then ima call lonnie, shaquan and speedis toine
who, kalonji, myndbenda, javon and don cabon (do it)
and tell em that its on, eh yo im gettin hyper
well invite them wack kids to come and join the cypher
ima play the pied piper, you know how he did (what?)
lead em to the river, and throw em off the bridge

[lil rock]
yo danja, i see youre not at home
this is lit-tle rock, tryin to catch you on the phone
i got some bad news, hey yo shorty check it
them bootleggin kids downtown they got your record
hey yo check this out, i know without a doubt
they be sellin mad copies of that album word of mowf
i didnt think you knew, they got supafriendz too
so hit me at the crib, tell me what you wanna do

-gun cocking- "throw him off the bridge" --> wyclef
-feet running, door slams-
-car door, tires peel out- "throw him off the bridge" --> wyclef

"throw him off the bridge" --> wyclef
"throw him off the bridge" --> wyclef

[danjas girlfriend]
yo whassup baby
how bout im down here at the police station
yo youre not gonna believe this, and i know you gonna be mad but
i gave this kid a ride
and he gonna try to push up on me and shit
so now im down here pressin charges
but anyway umm ima be there in a minute
ima let you know what happened when i get there
aight baby... "throw him off the bridge" --> wyclef

[frankie crocker impersonator]
danja mowf, this is dj dollar bill at 92.5 m-o-w-f
dj street gave me your record the other day and i misplaced it in the pile
but now ive had a chance to check it out
you are bad, you are bangin, you are the man
danja mowf i got you in full rotation, call me brotha lets talk
"throw him off the bridge" --> wyclef

[dicksnots representative]
yo danja yo, dis verbal assassin yo
yo i made this track yo
sound just like some supafriends shit man
i was thinkin we should get together and
yaknahmsayin, do some like battle type shit over to it
ohhyaknahmsayin you know like, like some ol busy bee/kool moe dee type shit
yaknahmsayin? you you know, supafriendz, and the, and the
dicksnots yaknahmsayin we can get together do this shorty, peace
"throw him off the bridge" --> wyclef

[mad skillz]
yo a.d. whattup this is mad skillz nigga what the deal?
aiyyo you know them niggaz downtown that be sellin tapes
anyway they bought twenty of your shits off me
twenty of the supafriendz shits so the niggaz is stocked, so
im about to take your half and go pay my phone bill nigga!
nah im jokin, anyway
i got this dough for you ima come to your crib and hit off in a minute nigga
aight? chill "throw him off the bridge" --> wyclef

"that was your last message"


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