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mowf of madness ark sz

chorus: everytime
mad skills and danja mowf combine
emcees lose they mind
(one time)
yes my crew be the baddest!
(two time)
come and enter the mouth of madness!

danja mowf: hey yo (why)
its so hard to explain.
once in a while you lose control of your brain
dont know who you effin with, nga abstain...
thinkin you can take me? wake up dana dane!
puff your mary jane and drink your champagne.
claim to bring pain but you chicken chow mein.
danja mowf runnin for prez, i campaign
for jobs in hobbs end.
both: enter sutter cane!

mad skillz: every word that i utter remains on your brain
rip it with a boxcutter and lick the bloodstain
the effects of you listenin to mine
can result in the permanent loss of one emcees mind.
one time is all it takes,
eliminate fakes.
bubble bed jackets hold you captive like straight
the mind czar givin your cerebral scars.
got ngaz rippin walkmans off
runnin right in front of cars.

danja mowf: go head and open up my rap book, look upon the page
witness every stage of your life at every age
seein that youre wack produced an insane rage
now you fightin like johnny tryin to get up out the cage.
who can it be? corrupting all of humanity?
they dont have a clue that its me...
causing insanity
as quick as you can count one two and-a three
its you and its me, nga!


mad skillz: fuck rockin cuz im nice enough to wet it.
ill enough to set it.
blow it out the frame without takin the credit.
introduce you to para and his main man medic.
sanity subtracts when the mad mowfs spit it, get it?

danja mowf: got it. all of my time was allotted
to makin sure your brain rotted till you act retarded
rock it till a nga rip his arm out the socket
coroners searched his body found my tape in his pocket

mad skillz: watch it!
i got concoctions in cases
to make emcees strangle they djs
with they own fuckin shoelaces.
hypotize em talkin on the celly,
meet em at the top of city hall,
tell them ngaz they r. kelly.

danja mowf: i believe you can fly! why? its the curse
of mowf of madness placed up in the verse
call the nurse
nah, its getting worse! too late call the hearse
all around the universe ngaz divin headfirst

mad skillz: into empty swimming pools. your life ceases.
head meets concrete, skull cracked into eight pieces.
i fill up the pool and walk on water like im jesus.
to make you see what you didnt see, thats my thesis.
unleashes, hey its horrah, horrah,
sp-1200 techniques to make you not wake up tomorrah
mpc you it later, sayonarah! youre missin
for kissin the mouth of the madness. listen,

(chorus) 2x

mad skillz: mic sadistic. im sick, the first to admit.
rappin in your ear in a cipher
with some cyanide spit
im lit. yo danja (yeah), ngaz shouldnt bite
i make voodoo dolls out of emcees i dont like.
mouth of madness, down for the set
crack both of your legs, nga,
while you doin your sound check.
instead of letting your life decay
i let you wake up for the rest of your life
(when?) on the same fuckin day.

danja mowf: yo, well i wont be as nice
in sleep you wont be falling
you get no peace, clarice,
the labs keep on calling.
infected with this musical disease.
they found you screamin "please!"
butt-naked in the mall wearing skis,
down on your knees looking for your keys,
insane sayin rain was to overflow the seas,
and all the s.o.b.s would drown in the flood.
you broke down soaked down cryin tears of blood.

mad skillz: i trade those tears for fears and watch em shout
pull your lip over your back of your head
expose your mouth.
rip your throat out, another point scored.
got ya eatin milk and mic cords
with a broad in the psych ward.

danja mowf: a mind is an awful thing to waste, why waste it?
ill take and ill baste it
then ill get a spoon and taste it.
you listened to the track
when you should have just erased it.
but now you lost your mind
press rewind nga, face it!

(chorus) 2x


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