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make it hot ark sz

(make it hot) x2

uh! uh! ah!

i make it hot! (how hot?) hot enough to fry
(how hot?) hotter than your front porch in july
(now thats hot!) real hot, bout a hundred and two
(i make it hot) brothas wont even stand next to you
(make it hot)

verse 1: danja mowf
its so hard to say goodbye, so i
take with me the memory of your good try
you could fry like grease in the skillet
im the heat, feel it, you got beef? kill it!
squash it, coz your girl was like, "oh my gosh!"
its just the mc make my spot get hot, time to wash it
do shit, coz im comin through with some new shit
who, shit, you? shit! who you talkin to? (shit!)
i be runnin through shit, bring your whole crew, shit
i get funky as??? bottom of your shooooe (shit!)
yeah yeah baby hah!
tryin to see my style is like tryin to see to panama!
nah! mo like, tryin to stop a cannon ball!
nah! mo like, shavin with a chainsaw!
nah! blahzay blah shimmy ya (what!)
i can make no sense and i can still be raw

chorus x2

verse 2: lonnie b
lonnie b and danja mowf are here to show yall brothas straight up
that on a scale from one to ten, yall need to get your weight up
step and get ate up, with the cross on the fader
when its time to set it off, i show my ass, like jada (uh!)
(make it hot)
i rock like raider (what!), hit me on my pager
if you wanna hear the sounds of the 804 flava
brothas on our jocks, but they be claimin that they hate us
coz we be the super friendz movie makers (once in a while!)
i used to have trap, but keep it full of paper
but now i got a pocket full of papers, she jockin, ima take her
taste her, no need to rape her
oh! ill have her kneeling like the center for the lakers
im not a playa-hater (uh!), not even a playa (what!)
unless you talkin bout a playstation or a sega
and show biz, like markie, dis and catch the vapors
peace party people, ha haa! catch you later

chorus x2

we make it hot!
(make it hot)
[erykah badu on "on & on"]: "the-the-the-the world keeps burning!"
we make it hot!
(make it hot)
"the---the---(uh!)the-the world keeps burning!" (uh-huh!)
we make it hot!
(make it hot)
"the-the-the(no question!)the-the-the world keeps burning!" (uh!)
we make it hot!
"the-the world kee-kee---keeps burn-burning!"

verse 3: danja mowf & lonnie b
i keep burning down your world
long as rappers keep being wack, i unfurl
on the track, coz im like a thousand pound girl
fat! doing me is like a thousand pound curl
impossible, coz im like a thousand pound pearl
priceless, on the mic
just bustin nuts like a thousand pound squirrel
i hurl, a thousand mcs in the brrel (what!)
and mix em up and drink em like moet, till i hurl!
rappers dont understand, i live day to day for a battle
get you knock rock like gravel, now you layin on your shadow (uh-huh!)
who you? coz im that brotha who can do you
quicker than sistas do the butterfly when they hear buju
yeah, i used to goo-goo
now im that rapper tappin asses, like toilet water splashes when you
all yall rappers out there that buck at this (uh!)
are just like blind men having sex
you dont know who you fuckin with!

(hoo! i dont even believe you sayin that shug!)
go ahead, coz im just tryin to make hot
(how hot?) hot enough to fry
(how hot?) hotter than your front porch in july
(now thats hot!) real hot, bout a hundred and two
(i make it hot) brothas wont even stand next to you


(make it hot) x2


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