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open your eyes to individuals who look upon you as prey
like vultures in disguise, hovering over you like flies upon waste


vultures plotting on my demise
stool pigeons tell lies while the caged bird cries

[danja mowf]
yo, but as long as the mighty eagle rules the skies
black men keep dropping like flies

[j] im watched like a sparrow in some godly eyes
[d] finding peace like the dove is a compromise
[j] yo, as long as the mighty eagle rules the skies
[d] black men keep dropping like flies

[danja mowf]
yo, its only right that i take flight
(where?) to the sky, floating like a black butterfly
i try to make my migration plesant
but living in the present gets you shot down like a pheasant
the reason seems that every day is hunting season
at least on the block where the black birds flock
some of these birds choose not to soar the sky
they just stay in some shit, making them more like flies
day in and day out another one dies
(i got it, another fly nigga got swatted)
the time he was alotted it seems just ran out
or could it be the fact he didnt let his wings span out?
acting like a chicken scared to leave the coup
cause the chicken doesnt fly, he just stays with the group
chilling with a bunch of turkeys waiting for thanksgiving
if he had of flown south he might have kept on living cause


.44s and popos dont scare these pros
in the nighttime ducking from constat shot bucking
they stuck in fly paper, for making paper is fly
cause the eagles on the paper, now you understand why?
when the eagle rules the sky, many black men die
chasing eagles then get stabbed by the vultures nearby
reducing us like calories, shot down like ducks in shooting galleries
please freeze these mentalities
thats holding you back from getting busy like bees
in trees you rest, bulding your nest with cess
soothing your bird chest from chest, youve just buddha blessed
yes, every block or two them hoes will find a cock or two
with no penis cap and get you caught in her venus trap
indeed, dont be dropping your bird seed
pollinating wild flowers, its all in your power cause


the caged bird sings but his songs get muffled
feathers get ruffled, its a struggle in the everyday scuffle
i tried to warn him about these snakes and cats
they hardheaded like woodpeckers and they blind as bats
thats the reason i keep preaching but you
in denial like the owl always talking about "who?"
i should call you a parrot cause you act that way
first arounf a bunch of niggers, repeating what they say
thinking that youre fly pimping around like a peacock
but your turf, your whole earth consists of only three blocks
take them keylocks off of your mind
take a journey out of the ghetto just to see what you can find
and like the raven said to poe and only told him "nevermore"
if from your dome you never go then any more well never know
see how some other guys live their lives, not like flies
realize your limit aint the skies


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