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jack~n~da~weedstalk ark sz

uncle danjaahhhh, could you read us a bedtime story?
hahahah, alright
yall shorties get into bed
and ill get the story book, knahmsayin?
you all tucked in?
(yes, yes, yes we are)
here we go

[danja mowf]
once upon a time, i went to an orgy with georgie porgie
he hooked me up with jill from the ville
i found my thrill, she wasnt on the pill
now jacks in my grill frontin, who he gonna kill?
nigga chill, take these beans and a-walk (uh-huh)
plant em in new york and theyll grow into a weedstalk
he asked me, "was the chronic?"
i said, "ask them three mice, them rodents stay nice"
hush my nigga, dont say a word
this, be the bomb if you aint heard
if this weed dont get you lit
then we can just forget, the whole damn shhhhhh
now jacks goin north like ollie
good golly, miss dolly my baby
now it gets crazy, jack got a ride with bo peep (uh-huh)
in her jeep, with ba ba, the black sheep
now up north ba bas got pull
he own a sess crop wit tree bags full
but now hes scheamin on the weedstore
thats my word, i overheard, that nigga talk
he said, "well be arrivin in new york soon
im gonna take them beans like the dish jacked the bowl
for a spoon - meet me on the ave about noon
right on the corner, and bring big jack horner"
well jack horner got his own corner (yeah)
his own avenue, crew, and a brand new crack shoe
what could that old lady do?
they got her kids servin bids
all the rest servin rock on the block {-phone rings-}
"its a call on the horn jack!"
"hey my man simple simon, what you wanna get high man?"
"nah troop, but i got the scoop
on some magical sess beans on the scene
thats bound to intervene with the home team cream
know what i mean?"
"yeah, whats gonna happen to my crack fiends
like the butcher, the baker, the crack pipe maker
the pied piper, and peter piper would get hyper
little miss muffett couldnt puff it
and how would the billy goats gruff get blowed? oh no!
the kids got to go, the kids got to get it
so call ba ba, tell the black sheep im widdit"
yeah, well black sheep told jack you know a spot
where the fiends go a lot and the weed would grow a lot
he also knew the golden goose, with the juice
and word to his mother hubbard, he could introduce
{-tires peel-} they pulled in the alley by the fence (uh-huh)
jack bought a five,??, and some incense
from big peter, the bean pie eater
and jack sprat, the cat who didnt eat pork fat
at the end of the alley on the corner
they met up with big jack horner
"i wanna see them beans," said jack
out came the sack, out came the gat from horners back
"aiyyo this little niggys got a drug market (right)
this little niggys got a gun (right)
this little niggys got the most beef (right)
so you little niggies gettin done! {-automatic-}
lets run, b. nimble, b. quick, ba ba get the sack
lets split,"
"nah we aint splittin sh.. {-gun cocks-} blaow!"
"aowww, quit, im hit
whos the culprit?"
black sheep then admits
"its me old man, i shot you
point blank range with a thirty-two
with a click-clack boom-bap straight to the dome
black sheep, bo peep rollin home, hah hah!"
black sheep laughin in the jeep
tellin bo peep bout the dough hes gonna reap
the mansions, the yachts, the cars in the garage
the weed would feed, yes indeed, livin large
but all that thinkin never thought of that bo peep
keep a deuce-deuce in the garter strap
"now im the quarterback, wanna stay alive? take a dive
a bullet or the ground, yo im doin fifty-five"
{aoooooooooh!} now bo peeps scattin in manhattan
drivin round, broadway chinatown
chambers, park road by the world trade
on the way to brooklyn thinkin bout gettin paid
and how shed have it made with the beans in the ground
too bad she didnt look around, she woulda found
that the brooklyn bridge was fallin down
fallin down, her simple ass drowned {-splash-}


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