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ladies ark sz


14 ladies at my door
how they got here i dont know
could it be my danja style or is it just my danja flow
rhymes i kick aint make-beleive
cuz group sex just aint my type
could it be 14 ladies wan sex with me tonight? (thats right!)

verse i

14 ladies...hmm imagine that
hard to beleive? sit back lets chat
it was one of those days not much to do
i was chillin at the crib just watchin channel two
i turn to prevue, to see whats coming next
im turning to another episode of real sex
its a special on orgies ooo looks freaky
im wishin i could stay up but damn im getting sleeeepy...
mmm thats the phone, hello...?
-yo danja i see you back at home
-since im in yo zone are you all alone daddy?
word im here at home on my own like patty
maybe it was because i needed sex so badly
or shorty took care of my balls like a caddy
i told her come and hit me, off with a quicky
she said, -yo im wit it but i got some friends wit me
-they could drop me off and like, come back and get me
thats cool hurry up its already 1:50!!
...damn 1:54, i opened up the door there guess who i saw? (who)


verse ii

14 ladies.. what the hell is this?
first one attacked shook me up with a kiss
thirteen more rushed my door thats my word
im pushed on the floor by the second and the third
while number one still got me in the liplock
number twos undoing my pants like a ziplock
number three rubbin these heez gettin stiff
my kicks get snatched by the fourth and the fifth
my jeans pulled off by the fourth
i realiiize, number five got her hands on my thighs
nature starts to rise i feel some soft licks
down by my ----.. o my gosh number six!
dont make me call the reverend for you and number seven
doing things i never ever knew, like tevin
ones got my tongue while the second strip me naked
three rubbin these testes i couldnt take it
fours gettin hardcore
five gettin live
seven and six givin licks up the thighs
an all girl staff had me stretch like a giraffe
but i could do the math, and that was only half of the


verse iii

14 ladies, im dealin wit seven
attackin my erogenous points im in heaven
a glorified state, here comes number eight
to demonstrate the appropriate way to girate
and grind.. i kept feeling in my spine
everytime number nine started dining in my behind (wooo)
ten and eleven
teamed up with seven
and triple
teamed on my nipple
im feeling like im cripple
sedated like i drank ripple
my minds somewhere in the past like a participle
about to explode on myself
when up in my ear i feel the tongue of the twelfth
thirteen bout to make me scream like a sireen
suckin my toes turn me on like a hig beam!
-how you feelin boo, you feel excited?
i recognize that voice thats the girl i invited
-i hope you can forgive me for bustin in ya house
-my friends had to know why they call you danja mowf
-theres thirteen of them, and thirteens unlucky
so she climbed on top and number fourteen ------ --.....


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