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belly dancer ark sz

Hey ladies drop it down

Just wanna see you touch the ground

Dont be shy girl go Bonanza

Shake ya body like a belly dancer

Hey ladies drop it down

Just wanna see you touch the ground

Dont be shy girl go Bonanza (hey girl)

Shake ya body like a belly dancer

excuse me, beg your pardon girl

Do you have any idea what you startin girl

You got me tingling, come to me mingiling

Steppin off lookin bootylicious and jingling

When you walk, I see you baby girl

When you talk, I believe it baby girl

I like that, thick-petite n pretty

Little touch is a ditty

Love to work the kitty like purrrrrrr

She loves to stirr it up purrrrrr

I can hear her purring up

Cause she’s the type thatll get arousy of

Get you excited and call her boyfriend up (oh no)

Whats the plan without the plan B

We can meet up at the hutter house for the tv.

So stand by like a butty pass

While I watch this beautiful thang shake that ass

Girl I must say you the flyest thang in here

So hot we gon need some rain in here

Type to make ex-gangstas bang in here

Girl you could do anything you want in here

Clown if you want to, frown if you want to

You aint even gotta drop down if you want to

Cause Id rather see you shake it standin

Either way you do it girl you look outstandin (uhhuuuhh)

And now you got me spending (uhhuuhhh)

The way you got that body bendin (uhhhuhh)

Ass like that girl you gotta be kickin(uhhhuhh)

And we goin to church next day repentant

Lap dancing for my FA crew

Slide it ova to boo cause he want some too

Up in the VIP with no fee

Blessing you with the G even tho we gettin it free so

Girl shake ya body body

Wit somebody body

Whatever you do dont break your body body

After the party party

Grab a hottie hottie

In the back seat of your Mazaratti-ratti

Jiggle jiggle it to the left (ah ah ah)

Jiggle jiggle it to the right (ah ah ah)

Jiggle it to the front then jiggle it to the back

And jiggle jiggle it all all night (ah ah ah)


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