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the everly brothers, the everly brothers arklar, the everly brothers ark szleri
1.all i have to do is dream3541
2.always drive a cadillac360
4.barbara allen404
5.bird dog421
6.born yesterday367
7.bowling green488
8.bye bye love1582
9.cathys clown728
11.crying in the rain372
12.danger danger459
13.devoted to you389
14.dont blame me740
15.down in the willow garden342
16.ebony eyes365
17.i wonder if i care as much409
19.let it be me356
20.lightning express395
21.like strangers487
22.long time gone610
23.love of my life815
25.maybe tomorrow792
26.oh so many years427
27.poor jenny380
29.put my little shoes away406
30.rocking alone in an old rocking chair388
31.roving gambler389
32.since you broke my heart394
33.so sad447
34.so sad to watch good love go bad397
36.take a message to mary397
38.that silver haired daddy of mine352
39.the price of love364
40.til i kissed you423
41.wake up little susie445
42.walk right back404
43.when will i be loved386
44.whos gonna shoe your pretty little feet513
45.till i kissed you478
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