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the dead milkmen, the dead milkmen arklar, the dead milkmen ark szleri
1.air crash museum365
2.all around the world374
3.anderson, walkman, buttholes and how410
4.ask me to dance351
5.at the moment995
6.bad party379
7.beach party vietnam765
8.beach song452
9.beige sunshine366
10.belafontes inferno467
11.big deal377
12.big lizard417
13.big scary place406
14.big time operator426
15.bitchin camaro411
16.bitchin camaro the best thanksgiving ever357
17.bleach boys366
19.born to love volcanos357
20.brat in the frat386
21.chaos theory327
22.city of mud341
23.cousin earl345
25.dance with me407
26.deans dream421
27.deaths alright with me351
28.depression day dinner391
29.do the brown nose355
30.dollar signs in her eyes345
31.dont abort that baby358
32.dont deny your inner child365
34.epic tales of adventure387
35.everybodys got nice stuff but me467
36.fifty things367
37.filet of sole712
38.girl hunt386
39.gods kid brother296
40.going to graceland325
41.gorilla girl353
42.happy is355
43.helicopter interiors347
44.here comes mr x346
45.howard beware419
46.i against osbourne332
47.i am the walrus360
48.i cant stay awake457
49.i dont wanna483
50.i dream of jesus307
51.i hate myself342
52.i hate you, i love you1406
53.i hear your name362
54.i started to hate you703
55.i tripped over the ottoman315
56.i walk the thinnest line345
57.if i had a gun475
58.if i had a gun hidden track332
59.in praise of sha na na467
60.instant club hit youll dance to anything428
61.im flying away669
62.jasons head367
63.jellyfish heaven353
66.labor day395
67.land of the shakers442
68.laundromat song305
69.leggo my ego416
70.lets get the baby high408
71.life is shit419
72.like to be alone358
73.little man in my head389
74.little volcano375
76.methodist coloring book378
77.milkmen stomp557
79.my many smells399
80.nitro burning funny cars373
81.nobody falls like350
82.not crazy372
83.now everybodys me333
86.peter bazooka337
87.plum dumb399
88.punk rock girl420
90.rcs mom755
91.right wing pigeons331
92.ringo buys a rifle323
93.rock n roll queen originally by mott the hoople336
95.serrated edge378
96.shaft in greenland360
97.shapes of things originally by the yardbirds345
98.silly dreams362
99.six days371
100.smokin banana peels444
101.song for michaels pipe355
102.south bound saurez originally by led zeppelin315
103.spit sink424
104.sri lanka sex hotel508
106.stupid mary anne380
107.surfin cow794
108.swampland of desire419
110.swordfish inc instant club hit medley thing305
112.take me apart372
113.take me to the specialist346
114.takin retards to the zoo439
115.the badger song395
116.the big sleazy357
117.the blues song362
118.the conspiracy song341
119.the fez444
120.the girl with the strong arm338
121.the guitar song361
122.the infant of prague customized my van380
123.the man who rides the bus310
124.the pit332
125.the puking song347
126.the secret of life340
127.the thing that only eats hippies356
128.the woman who was also a mongoose402
129.theme from blood orgy of the atomic fern338
130.tiny town389
131.train i ride349
133.two feet off the ground376
135.violent school374
136.watching scotty die368
137.when i get to heaven344
138.where the tarantula lives329
139.wonderfully colored plastic war toys368
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