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the clash, the clash arklar, the clash ark szleri
2. hours527
3.- crush on you451
4.all the young punks new boots and contracts384
5.are you redy498
6.armagideon time565
7.atom tan772
9.brand new cadillac436
11.capital radio one/two843
12.car jamming425
13.career opportunities404
14.career opportunities child version400
15.charlie dont surf504
18.city of the dead369
20.clash city rockers425
21.complete control414
22.cool confusion409
23.cool under heat409
24.corner soul424
25.death is a star405
26.death or glory388
29.dirty punk394
30.drug stabbing time415
31.english civil war429
32.every little bit hurts387
34.first night back in london350
35.four horsemen403
37.gates of the west432
38.ghetto defendant423
39.groovy times477
40.guns on the roof423
41.hate and war360
43.hitsville uk418
44.i fought the law450
45.if music could talk376
46.in the pouring rain453
47.inoculated city406
48.ivan meets gi joe474
49.im not down526
50.im so bored with the usa662
51.jail guitar doors424
52.janie jones424
53.jimmy jazz669
54.julies in the drug squad491
55.junco partner412
56.junkie slip381
57.justice tonight-kick it over391
58.kingston advice397
59.know your rights433
60.koka kola717
61.last gang in town379
62.lets go crazy557
63.life is wild490
64.lightning strikes not once but twice368
65.living in fame411
66.london calling501
67.londons burning513
68.long time jerk393
69.look here566
70.lose this skin380
71.lost in the supermarket405
72.lovers rock755
73.midnight log392
74.midnight to stevens396
75.movers and shakers409
76.mustapha dance574
77.north and south438
78.one emotion459
79.one more dub484
80.one more time718
81.overpowered by funk473
82.play to win393
83.police and thieves447
84.police on my back526
85.pressure drop400
86.protex blue579
87.radio clash397
88.rebel waltz413
89.red angel dragnet453
90.remote control398
91.revolution rock448
92.robber dub555
93.rock the casbah554
94.rudie cant fail393
95.safe european home390
96.sean flynn841
97.shepherds delight505
98.should i stay or should i go476
99.silicone on sapphire467
100.somebody got murdered414
101.something about england335
102.spanish bombs465
103.stay free477
104.stop the world389
105.straight to hell430
106.the call up380
107.the card cheat422
108.the cool out448
109.the crooked beat413
110.the equaliser475
111.the guns of brixton430
112.the leader403
113.the magnificent dance763
114.the magnificent seven424
115.the prisoner425
116.the right profile404
117.the sound of the sinners406
118.the street parade487
119.this is england517
120.this is radio clash385
121.three card trick437
122.time is tight466
123.tommy gun422
124.train in vain411
125.up in heaven not only here356
126.version city426
127.version pardner490
128.washington bullets395
129.we are the clash416
130.whats my name485
131.white man in hammersmith palais396
132.white riot521
133.wrong em boyo538
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