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the cars, the cars arklar, the cars ark szleri
1.a dream away414
2.all mixed up355
4.bye bye love463
6.coming up you378
7.cool fool506
9.dangerous type395
10.dont cha stop422
11.dont go to pieces461
12.dont tell me no735
13.door to door443
14.double life405
15.double trouble614
16.down boys384
18.everything you say415
19.fine line562
20.getting through377
21.gimme some slack380
22.go away405
23.good times roll426
24.got a lot on my head403
25.heartbeat city378
26.hello again445
27.hotel queenie488
28.i refuse456
29.its all i can do531
30.its not the night688
31.im in touch with your world368
32.im not the one459
33.just what i needed363
34.leave or stay364
35.lets go625
36.looking for love339
37.lust for kicks505
39.maybe baby467
40.misfit kid360
41.moving in stereo478
42.my best friends girl454
43.night spots350
45.running to you408
46.shake it up489
47.shoo be doo487
48.since i held you366
49.since youre gone551
51.stranger eyes387
52.strap me in359
53.ta ta wayo wayo676
54.take me now426
55.take what you want391
56.they wont see you482
57.think it over342
58.this could be love345
59.tonight she comes419
60.touch and go427
61.up and down448
62.victim of love337
63.wake me up348
64.why cant i have you424
65.wound up on you348
66.you are the girl385
67.you cant hold on too long402
68.you just cant push me504
69.you might think435
70.you wear those eyes388
71.youre all ive got tonight446
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