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the byrds, the byrds arklar, the byrds ark szleri
1.-- foxtrot the lear jet song532
2.all i really want to do363
3.americas great national pastime441
4.artificial energy480
5.ballad of easy rider458
6.blue canadian rockies421
10.chestnut mare368
11.child of the universe389
12.chimes of freedom338
13.citizen kane420
14.daytime just makes me feel lonely400
16.dont doubt yourself babe436
17.drug store truck drivin man410
18.eight miles high401
19.everybodys been burned591
20.farther along553
21.fifth dimension331
22.for free391
23.glory glory569
24.goin back653
25.gunga din709
26.have you seen her face335
27.he was a friend of mine451
28.here without you390
29.hey joe where you gonna go410
30.hickory wind458
31.hungry planet448
32.i am a pilgrim418
33.i come and stand at every door356
34.i knew id want you398
35.i know my rider363
36.i see you382
37.i trust378
38.it wont be wrong dont be long465
39.its no use696
40.ill feel a whole lot better449
41.jesus is just alright400
42.john riley395
43.just a season346
44.kathleens song543
45.lay down your weary tune378
46.lazy days394
47.lazy waters350
48.life in prison378
49.mr spaceman392
50.mr tambourine man409
51.my back pages393
52.nothing was delivered412
53.old blue366
54.one hundred years from now370
55.pale blue437
56.pretty boy floyd370
57.pretty polly371
58.satisfied mind407
59.see the sky about to rain368
60.set you free this time343
61.she dont care about time442
62.so you want to be a rock n roll star436
63.spanish harlem incident412
64.the bells of rhymney408
65.the christian life398
66.the times they are a changin383
67.the world turns all around her341
68.this wheels on fire420
69.tiffany queen336
71.truck stop girl338
72.tunnel of love365
73.turn turn turn455
74.wait and see330
75.wasnt born to follow426
76.well come back home381
77.well meet again608
78.whats happening755
80.wild mountain thyme458
81.you aint goin nowhere386
82.you dont miss your water434
83.you got a reputation383
84.youre still on my mind462
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