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the blues brothers, the blues brothers arklar, the blues brothers ark szleri
2.- in blues brothers551
3.all my money back491
4.b movie box car blues402
5.blues, why you worry me438
6.born in chicago459
7.cant play the blues in an airconditioned room438
8.cheaper to keep her396
9.do you love me505
10.everybody needs somebody to love1205
11.excusez moi mon cherie565
12.expressway to your heart425
13.flip, flop & fly393
14.flip, flop & fly another version340
15.from the bottom578
16.funky nassau653
17.gimme some lovin723
18.going back to miami755
19.green onions457
20.groove me419
21.groove with me tonight487
23.hey bartender431
24.how blue can you get407
25.i aint got you719
26.i dont know654
27.i got everything i need almost565
28.i wish you would425
29.jailhouse rock543
30.john the revelator451
31.king bee632
32.looking for a fox488
33.maybe im wrong489
34.messin with the kid477
35.minnie the moocher447
36.money thats what i want780
37.new orleans437
38.perry mason theme421
40.rawhide theme559
41.riders in the sky a cowboy legend412
42.riot in cell block number nine510
43.rubber biscuit520
44.season of the witch501
45.shake a tail feather561
46.shake your tailfeather450
47.she caught the katy518
48.shotgun blues485
49.soul man739
50.stand by your man649
51.sweet home chicago543
52.the blues dont bother me471
53.theme from rawhide532
55.turn on your lovelight426
56.whos making love543
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