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live it up ark sz

nine six, its da brat nigga
we jackin these niggas for they beats and shit
put this shit in ya mothafuckin mouth...

verse 1:

niggas know when they see the afro sym-boool they embrace themselves
lock doors and hold their breath
for the black on black beamer drivin
shitin on niggas time after time
and on da west side is confinement
it aint no gettin outta line with me i stays ready
split a mothafuckas shit fo free if necessary
gotta love for gettin blunted
what you wanna do i done it......bitch
and about to do it again
so run and tell ya friends im comin

chorus: repeat 2x

my motto is make it all and never miss a buck
i walk around attitude cuz i dont give a fuck
however you gotta get it get it without getting stuck...
im witcha
cuz life aint shit if you cant live it up, live it up

verse 2:

the next destination is to be the greatest heavyweight and undisputed
due to dem other bitches to the back of the bus with nothing much to it
my milli0ons my main concern fucka factions and hurting feelings
its niggas thatll care just to kick it
with a real bitch gettin real rich quick
live it up to the fullest notch set up the plot
life expect to see levels drop its on again and it dont stop
anotha tantrum for crematin mothafuckas in random
leavin none standin keep da big willies holdem for grants
the money it cost to be boss is high my all time condition
to da day i die thats why i be the best for this position listen
cleavage decorated wit ice flooded pieces
i live for drop top corneshes and new releases
bouncin in little islands i cant even pronounce
way out laid out by da beach smokin a whole fuckin ounce
this nigga stay jiggie flashy my name aint baby
its da b-r-a-t miss harris if you get nasty


[da brat]
yea sosodef in this mothafucka, uh
chi-town in this mothafucka, uh
at lanta in this mothafucka, uh
chi-lanta in this mothafucka, uh
jd on this mothafucka, uh
and its da brat on this mothafucka, uh
so what you want mothafuckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?


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