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funkdafied ark sz

da brat:

hard times in the funk

intro: jermaine dupri

yeah, so funkdafied
so lets take a ride with the brat, tat, tat tat...on that ass


so, so, so funkdafied
so, so, so funkdafied
so, so, so funkdafied

verse 1:

open up, open up
and let the funk flow in
from this nigga name j and his new found friend
im hittin switches like eric on the solo creep
for yo jeep its the b.r.a.t.
puttin the dip in your hip from right to left
its the ghetto west bitch and im so so def
nigga thats my click
nigga thats who i rolls with
and we kicks nothing but the fat(sh,sh,hhh)

them calls me the funkdafied, funkalistic, vocalistic
with the real shit, we got the shit you cant funk wit
because we so funkdafied
we make you move from side to side
well, its da g h da e t t o, nigga
brat and j.d. comin like that big baby
so lay back and listen as i catch up on my pimpin
and freak this dest just like ashford and simpson


cause im so, so, so funkdafied
so, so, so funkdafied
so, so, so funkdafied
so, so, so funkdafied

verse 2:

puttin it down (puttin it down) aint no thang to me
and aint too many hoes that can hang with me
its like that and as a matter of fact
when it comes the brat tat tat tat
i make your neck snap back
meaning i got the hit that a getcha bent
tearing the roof off this mutha like parliament
im on a roll in control like janet, damnit!
brat your the funk bandit and they cant handle it
i know
thats why i keep hittinem with this grammer
lettin all yall know that im the real mama jama
straight to the head like a chronic sack
i pass the mic to the brat and yo i passed it back

wella sistas and fellas
its time to get your groove on
i provide the funkdafied sounds that make yo move homes
breaking these fools off proper like
its s.o.s.o.d.e.f. dynamite
hummin, hummin comin up at cha like ralph k
and since this aint no honeymoon, im here to stay
and the way we comin at cha
baby we cant miss
theres a new tag team in town
nigga, whoomp, there it is


cause im so, so, so funkdafied
so, so, so funkdafied
so, so, so funkadfied
so, so, so funkadfied
so, so, so funkdafied


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