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big mommas theme ark sz

[jermaine](destinys child)
yo new york in da house
(do, do, do, do...)
brooklyn in da house
uptown in da house
chi town in da house
atlanta, georgia are you in da house?
west coast in da house
everybody in da house
baby, baby come on
baby come on

yo, yo, yo who that be?
big momma lady murders away
we play twenty-four hours a day
mind on money twenty-four hours a day
its hard to say or tell
when theres love in the air
so i continue to be miss dawg of the year
and take care of my peeps when the streets is hot
you need a place to stay just pull out the cot
and i swerve in the two-door car without no shotgun
driver took em lukewarm to hot like lava
i not one thats forgotten
theres a lot of haters that be hatin for nothing
with their hand out waitin for something
chick like me i waits for nothin
put in work till the cake come in
so breathe easy whenever you need me
just yell, v-i-t-a know it well

1 - [destinys child]
this is big mommas house
we aint gon take no poppin off at the mouth
this is big mommas house
those that get a chance to dance
they get turned out
this is big mommas house
one night spent here
have you climbing up the wall
this is big mommas house
we aint gonna take no mess at all

[da brat]
you know how da brat-tat get
the dough stack what?
ready for combat get your head cracked
could cook a steak up and dice that paper
chop it up like onions to add that flavor
im fresh even your mami wish i was her seed
i rip a hole in the track as it bleed
i breeve on em and make em feel the heat
obviously its evident i cant be beat, what?
i strut in dem thirty-eight jeans or the fitted ones
either way you still wanna split something
could it be the curves in the waist? (what?)
or could it be the suburban i push when i swerve through the place
(uh) got the nerve to not be able to be replaced (yeah)
haters cant tap in cause i cant be traced (uh)
this my house, dont speak until spoken to
disrespect me and im choking you what?

repeat 1

[jermaine](destinys child)
no uh come on
(do, do, do, do...)
put your hands up
put your hands up
put your hands up

repeat 1 (2x)

[destinys child]
no, no!


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