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back up ark sz

featuring ja rule

[da brat] (jd)
this a test
(bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh
this aint no test
(bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh
its the real shit
(bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh
(bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh
(bounce) uh, uh, uh-oh
(bounce) uh-oh (bounce)

[da brat] (jd)
if you can feel it in your back (baby)
its the sounds of the motherfuckin brat (baby)
in the corner passing blunts, sippin yack (baby)
and if you must play the game
then gamble the stakes raised
take baby to vegas i need the paper
my flesh burnin
niggas got me under surveillance their necks turnin
im an international playa, close observation
the best policy is to stay in yall faces
the bad seed, i get niggas like i breath its easy
been through niggas lyin and cheatin with bitches thats sleazy
none of its worth repeatin
if you flash money, spend that money or you can beat it
imma star now, so it wasnt really shit for me to get shot down
spit illicit, unrestricted game, im independent
open the door to the bank but gs spent this

1 - if you out here doing things
youre a honey getting money
playin all of these fellas like dummies
make all the right moves when it comes to the game
(tell them they better back up)
(playa, playa back up)
if you out here doing things
(doin doin thangs)
youre a playa getting money
spending none on none of these hoes
make all the right moves when it comes to the game
(tell em they better back up)
(shorty, shorty back up)

[ja rule]
for the first time i can see my lifeline
and youre ahead of me
thank god hard to imagine me
but lord why me?
im the bad spirit that tortures the souls of the nearest
untouched pussy, whatchu want with me?
been through lesbianage, menage et tois
been even synonymous to hoes that floss and trick their dough
if you livin it, my life
you live it as limited
cause too many worlds collide the killer degenerate
ill die in it
as long as i keep my guns burn
and brat pushin the verge
and the crack isnt german
listen ja bring the heat catching niggas on their third wind
we supply the pressure (baby!)
shit itll never end try to get out
but baby youre locked in
my world sip hen and suffer from sin
im sickening like heroin
ja rule the veteran, true with you
but baby girl if you

repeat 1

[da brat]
a girl like me need a lot
so i proceed to plot
and continue to add pieces to the rock collection that i got
shine on yall light up the whole block
im causing on ja

[ja rule]
shit on a nigga like me you need a lot
coming with game, whatchu got
its murda, if you dont get shot
i clicky-clack on those pot post up on niggas
fuck yall bitches

[da brat]
shit fuck yall niggas, you cant live without pussy
be disrespectful and get no more nookie
most of these hoes check yall cause niggas aint shit

[ja rule]
yall dismissed and yall know
bitches aint shit
but live with it if the dick dont fit

[da brat]
get it or quit it
and acquaint shaunte with your money
i gotta get it

repeat 1 till end w/ da brat ad-libs

[da brat]
all im saying is do thangs
ya know what im saying
make the right moves
ya know what im saying
man, woman, boy, or girl
pimp, prostitute, he-heh
do thangs to get that loot
ya know what im saying
tell em to back up
cause its the da brat
so, so


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