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the alarm, the alarm arklar, the alarm ark szleri
1.absolute reality457
2.across the border live kbfh404
3.black sun432
4.blaze of glory384
5.blaze of glory live kbfh405
6.breaking point479
7.change i634
8.change ii622
9.corridors of power443
10.dawn chorus423
11.deceiver live kbfh422
14.devolution working man blues589
15.devolution working man bluessession490
16.eye of the hurricane475
17.father to son379
18.for freedom live kbfh410
19.god save somebody432
20.hallowed ground471
21.happy christmas war is over596
22.happy xmas war is over380
24.hell or highwater435
25.how the mighty fall390
26.howling wind408
27.knife edge401
28.lead me through the darkness419
29.let the river run its course409
30.love dont come easy480
31.marching on368
32.marching on in album declaration343
33.marching on live kbfh384
34.moments in time373
35.new south wales409
36.newtown jericho449
37.no frontiers431
38.one step closer to home377
39.only love can set me free551
40.only the thunder387
41.permanence in change415
42.prison without prison bars426
43.rain in the summertime425
45.reason live kbfh406
46.rescue me441
47.rivers to cross470
49.rockin in the freeworld640
50.save your crying419
53.shout to the devil366
54.sixty eight guns413
55.sixty eight guns live kbfh392
56.sold me down the river384
57.spirit of417
59.tell me426
60.tell me live kbfh382
61.the day the ravens left the tower391
62.the deceiver402
63.the road311
64.the rock453
65.the stand397
66.the stand live kbfh352
67.the stand prophecy586
68.the wind blows away my words375
69.third light396
70.third light live kbfh368
71.unsafe building350
72.unsafe building410
73.unsafe building live kbfh357
74.up for murder live kbfh349
75.walk forever by my side385
76.we are the light374
77.where a town once stood463
78.where were you hiding when the storm broke391
79.wonderful world410
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