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suzy bogguss, suzy bogguss arklar, suzy bogguss ark szleri
1. million things374
3.an empty heart and a harvest moon355
5.cold day in july410
6.diamonds and tears386
7.dont wanna609
8.drive south383
9.eat at joes655
11.far and away350
12.feelin bout you612
13.from where i stand412
14.give me some wheels364
16.hammer and nail375
18.hey cinderella390
19.hold me to it389
20.hopelessly yours409
21.how come you go to her391
22.i keep coming back to you440
23.i wanna stand with you on a mountain511
24.i wish hearts would break400
25.in the day393
26.its a perfect day for a little rain589
27.just enough rope382
28.just like the weather433
29.let goodbye hurt429
30.letting go384
31.live to love another day338
32.look what love has done to me419
33.love every time314
34.love goes without saying395
35.love is blind378
36.love is stronger361
37.lovin a hurricane587
38.moonlight and roses500
39.music on the wind366
40.no green eyes336
41.no place to go385
42.no way out348
43.nobody love, nobody gets hurt318
44.outbound plane377
45.part of me543
46.save yourself458
47.saying goodbye to a friend369
48.she said, he heard369
49.somebody to love408
50.someday soon409
51.something up my sleeve359
53.still hold on412
54.taking that red-eye home361
55.the other side of the hill411
56.traveling light387
57.when i run372
58.yellow river road420
59.you never will445
60.you wouldnt say that to a stranger604
61.youd be the one583
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