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susanna hoffs, susanna hoffs arklar, susanna hoffs ark szleri
1.alfie whats it all about, austin562
2.all i want352
3.beekeepers blues648
4.boys keep swinging344
5.catch the wind403
6.darling one389
7.enormous wings378
8.eyes of a baby483
12.grand adventure441
13.happy place414
14.its lonely out here566
15.ill keep it with mine663
16.king of tragedy413
17.made of stone398
18.my side of the bed454
19.no kind of love369
20.now and then419
21.only love367
22.right by you333
24.so much for love410
25.something new420
26.stuck in the middle with you395
28.thats why girls cry603
29.the look of love355
30.this time511
31.those days are over423
32.turning over363
33.unconditional love390
34.we close our eyes351
35.weak with love406
36.wishing on telstar425
37.without you417
38.you were on my mind406
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