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survivor, survivor arklar, survivor ark szleri
2.across the miles429
3.american heartbeat368
4.as soon as love finds me386
5.backstreet love affair387
6.broken promises417
7.burning bridges381
8.burning heart396
9.cant getcha offa my mind636
10.cant give it up481
11.cant let you go524
12.caught in the game406
13.chevy nights433
14.children of the night399
15.desperate dreams350
16.didnt know it was love393
17.ever since the world began429
19.eye of the tiger563
20.feels like love393
21.first night376
24.hearts a lonely hunter561
25.here comes desire419
26.hesitation dance388
27.high on you326
28.how much love392
29.hungry years379
30.i cant hold back536
31.i never stopped loving you404
32.i see you in everyone430
33.in good faith346
34.is this love328
35.it doesnt have to be this way435
36.its the singer not the song480
37.im not that man anymore503
38.jackie dont go501
39.keep it right here396
40.let it be now418
41.light of a thousand smiles374
42.love has got me392
43.love is on my side430
44.man against the world384
45.no easy way out492
46.nothing can shake me387
48.poor mans son490
49.popular girl399
50.ready for the real thing384
51.rebel son592
52.rhythm of the city390
53.runway lights382
54.santa ana winds366
55.shes a star612
56.silver girl383
58.somewhere in america389
59.summer nights376
60.take you on a saturday406
61.tell me im the one517
62.the moment of truth422
63.the one that really matters335
64.the search is over388
65.too hot to sleep426
66.what do you really think391
67.whatever it takes402
68.when seconds count382
69.whole towns talkin620
70.you know who you are396
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