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sting, sting arklar, sting ark szleri
1. oclo460
2.a day in the life329
3.a sermon353
4.a thousand years602
5.after the rain has fallen359
6.aint no sunshine492
7.all for love362
8.all four seasons329
9.all this time318
10.angel eyes413
11.another day339
12.another pyramid376
14.be still my beating heart409
15.behind my camel501
16.beneath a desert moon347
17.big lie, small world341
18.black and white army bringing the pride back home345
19.bombs away382
20.born in the s427
21.brand new day385
22.bring on the night492
23.canary in a coalmine365
24.cant stand losing you406
25.childrens crusade420
26.come down in time388
27.consider me gone434
29.conversation with a dog384
31.de do do do, de da da da430
32.dead end job355
33.dead mans rope416
35.demolition man340
36.desert rose729
37.does everyone stare341
38.dont stand so close to me453
39.driven to tears386
40.ellas danzan solas cueca solas372
41.end of the game383
42.englishman in new york645
43.epilogue nothing bout me368
44.every breath you take407
45.every little thing she does is magic399
46.everybody laughed but you364
47.fall out419
48.fields of gold363
49.fill her up320
50.forget about the future386
51.fortress around yur heart354
54.frgil portuguese807
55.gabriels message448
56.ghost story348
57.heavy cloud no rain356
58.history will teach us nothing366
59.hole in my life827
60.how insensitive414
61.hungry for you jaurai toujours faim de toi385
62.i been down so long322
63.i burn for you469
64.i hung my head411
65.i shall be released350
66.i was brought to my senses357
67.if i ever lose my faith in you420
68.if you love somebody set them free378
69.if you there333
70.in the wee small hours of the morning436
72.invisible sun338
73.island of souls347
74.it aint necessarily so461
75.its a lonesome old town601
76.its alright for you544
77.its probably me509
78.ill follow my secret heart467
79.im so happy i cant stop crying414
80.january stars377
81.jeremiah blues part378
82.jeremiah blues part i410
83.king of pain344
84.la belle dame sans regrets500
86.let your soul be your pilot476
87.lithium sunset574
88.little wing428
89.love is stronger than justice384
90.love is stronger than justice the munificent seven369
91.love is the seventh wave353
92.low life1410
93.lullaby to an anxious child404
94.mad about you377
95.man in a suitcase356
96.mariposa libre796
97.masoko tanga1054
98.message in a bottle406
99.miss gradenko392
100.mo ghile mear578
101.moon over bourbon street405
104.murder by numbers381
105.my one and only love400
106.ne me quitte pas331
107.need your love so bad338
108.never coming home316
109.next to you339
110.nice work if you can get it327
111.no time this time365
112.nothing achieving379
113.nothing bout me435
114.o my god558
116.on any other day361
117.once upon a daydream373
118.one world not three340
120.perfect lovegone wrong384
121.reggatta de blanc852
122.rehumanize yourself355
123.rock steady342
124.round midnight393
127.sacred love369
128.saint agnes & the burning train506
129.saint augustine in hell386
130.secret journey351
131.send your love333
132.seven days402
133.shadows in the rain408
134.shape of my heart660
135.Shape Of My Heart (Leon)4853
136.shes too good for me447
137.si estamos juntos429
138.sister moon357
139.sisters of mercy324
140.so lonely385
141.someone to talk to373
142.someone to watch over me398
143.something the boy said392
144.spirits in the material world438
145.spread a little happiness628
146.stolen car356
147.straight to my heart341
148.strange fruit449
149.synchronicity i465
150.synchronicity ii319
151.take me to the sunshine375
152.tea in the sahara451
153.the beds too big without you538
154.the book of my life388
155.the dream of the blue turtles568
156.the hounds of winter398
157.the lazarus heart433
158.the mighty402
159.the other way of stopping439
160.the pirates bride535
161.the secret marriage415
162.the soul cages366
163.the wild wild sea358
164.the wind cries mary380
165.the windmills of your mind425
166.they dance alone472
167.this cowboy song353
168.this war399
169.this was never meant to be371
170.tomorrow well see440
171.too much information347
172.truth hits everybody418
173.tutti frutti458
174.twenty five to midnight353
176.up from the skies354
178.vengo del sur spanish why should i cry for you547
179.visions of the night386
180.voices inside my head515
181.walking in your footsteps367
182.walking on the moon422
183.waters of tyne380
184.we work the black seam371
185.well be together479
186.when the angels fall404
187.when the world is running down you make the best of whats still around349
188.when we dance382
189.whenever i say your name435
190.why should i cry for you433
191.wrapped around your finger353
192.you still touch me458
193.you were meant for me400
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