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stina nordenstam, stina nordenstam arklar, stina nordenstam ark szleri
1.a walk in the park453
2.almost a smile475
3.alone at night376
4.and she closed her eyes563
5.another story girl438
6.ask the mountains509
7.bird on a wire602
8.come to me564
11.down desire avenue477
14.he watches her from behind372
15.his song423
16.hopefully yours379
17.i came so far for beauty414
18.i could still be an actor446
19.i dream of jeannie430
20.i see you again712
21.ill be cryin for you586
22.like a swallow344
23.little star525
24.lonesome road465
25.love hurts423
26.mary bell587
27.memories of a colour376
28.murder in mairyland park416
29.now that youre leaving532
30.now when i see you617
31.people are strange772
33.purple rain466
34.reason to believe405
36.so this is goodbye413
37.something nice424
38.soon after christmas379
39.swallow strings462
40.the man with the gun423
41.the return of alan bean389
42.the things you said466
43.this time, john450
44.to the sea383
45.under your command445
47.viewed from the spire368
48.when debbies back from texas433
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