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stevie wonder, stevie wonder arklar, stevie wonder ark szleri
1.a place in the sun450
2.a seeds a star/tree medley488
3.ai no, sono736
4.all day sucker348
5.all i do392
6.all in love is fair557
7.another star436
9.as if you read my mind417
10.bedtime for toys385
11.big brother561
12.bird of beauty377
13.black man336
14.black orchid365
15.blame it on the sun406
16.blowing in the wind372
17.boogie on reggae woman405
18.cash in your face365
19.chemical love412
20.cold chill381
21.come back as a flower404
22.come let me make your love come down381
23.contract on love295
24.contusion instrumental461
25.conversation peace348
27.cryin through the night471
29.did i hear you say you love me442
30.do i do363
31.do like you334
32.do yourself a favor336
33.dont drive drunk432
34.dont wonder why443
35.dont you worry bout a thing445
36.each others throat546
37.easy goin evening my mamas call instrumental523
38.ebony & ivory369
39.ebony eyes382
40.edge of eternity360
42.for once in my life460
43.for your love351
45.fun day457
46.galaxy paradise409
47.get it354
48.girl blue340
49.go home390
50.golden lady367
51.gotta have you369
52.happier than the morning sun379
53.happy birthday437
54.have a talk with god363
55.heaven help us all356
56.heaven is zillion light years away338
57.hey love601
58.hes misstra know-it-all529
59.higher ground320
60.hold me417
61.how come, how long386
62.i aint gonna stand for it646
63.i believe353
64.i cant let my heaven walk away503
65.i dont know why518
66.i go sailing351
67.i gotta have a song342
68.i just called to say i love you455
69.i love every little thing about you387
70.i love you too much475
71.i wanna talk to you371
72.i was made to love her390
73.i wish379
74.if its magic501
75.if she breaks your heart397
76.if you really love me478
77.in your corner371
78.isnt she lovely805
79.it aint no use520
80.its more than you instrumental709
81.its wrong apartheid431
82.its you498
83.im new547
84.jesus children of america420
85.joy inside my tears437
86.joy takes over me351
87.jungle fever470
88.keep on running383
89.kesse ye lolo de ye707
90.kiss lonely goodbye343
91.knocks me off my feet407
92.land of la la406
94.lighting up the candles337
95.living for the city327
96.look around398
97.looking for another pure love371
98.love having you around360
99.love light in flight365
100.loves in need of love today414
101.make sure youre sure448
102.master blaster jammin399
103.maybe your baby416
104.moments arent moments462
105.mr tambourine man345
106.my cherie amour390
107.my eyes dont cry507
108.my love is with you396
109.never dreamed youd leave in summer420
110.never had a dream come true383
111.never in your sun408
113.one of a kind382
114.ordinary pain331
115.outside my window354
117.part-time lover710
118.pastime paradise473
119.please dont go564
120.power flower380
121.queen in the black384
122.race babbling358
123.rain your love down362
124.redemption song385
125.ribbon in the sky376
126.rocket love419
127.same old story372
129.seems so long324
130.send one your love368
131.send one your love instrumental678
132.sensuous whisper400
134.signed, sealed, delivered im yours443
135.sir duke411
137.smile please426
138.someday at christmas371
140.spiritual walkers411
141.stay gold342
142.stranger on the shore of love375
143.summer soft381
145.superwoman where were you when i needed you405
146.sweet little girl399
148.taboo to love439
149.take the time out351
150.take up a course in happiness366
151.that girl361
152.the christmas song348
153.the secret life of plants357
154.the shadow of your smile824
155.the woman in red444
156.these three words372
157.they wont go when i go533
158.think of me as your soldier357
159.tomorrow robins will sing388
160.too high394
161.too shy to say364
162.treat myself413
163.tuesday heartbreak327
164.uptight everythings alright439
165.venus flytrap and the bug708
166.village ghetto land348
168.we can work it out352
171.with each beat of my heart364
172.yesterme yesteryou yesterday467
173.you and i361
174.you are the sunshine of my life382
175.you havent done nothin480
176.you met your match392
177.you will know341
178.youve got it bad girl480
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