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stevie ray vaughan, stevie ray vaughan arklar, stevie ray vaughan ark szleri
1.aint gone n give up on love504
2.all your love i miss loving374
3.baboom/mama said712
4.boot hill412
6.change it387
7.chitlins con carne425
8.close to you360
10.cold shot348
11.come on part iii359
12.couldnt stand the weather507
15.dirty pool367
16.empty arms377
17.give me back my wig440
18.gone home472
19.good texan344
20.hard to be357
21.hide away480
22.hillbillies from outerspace468
23.honey bee379
24.iced over481
25.in the open438
26.im cryin458
27.im leaving you commit a crime513
28.leave my girl alone421
30.let me love you baby3323
31.letter to my girlfriend367
32.life by the drop377
33.life without you385
34.little wing509
35.live another day399
36.long way from home341
37.look at little sister537
38.lookin out the window446
39.love me darlin767
40.love struck baby354
41.mary had a little lamb2187
42.may i have a talk with you366
43.pride and joy354
44.riveria paradise533
45.rude mood494
46.say what499
48.scuttle buttin4379
49.shake for me361
50.slide thing471
51.slip slidin slim755
52.so excited439
53.stangs swang943
56.telephone song353
57.tell me394
59.texas flood655
60.the house is rockin477
61.the sky is crying386
62.the things that i used to do362
63.they call me guitar hurricane440
64.third stone from the sun419
65.tick tock435
67.tin pan alley417
68.travis walk454
69.voodoo chile slight return387
70.wall of denial370
72.white boots357
73.willie the wimp326
74.youll be mine836
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