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steve wariner, steve wariner arklar, steve wariner ark szleri
1.been there411
3.burnin the roadhouse down with garth brooks569
4.cry no more328
5.every little whisper400
6.faith in you335
7.for the first time368
8.hands of time382
9.high time429
10.holes in the floor of heaven423
11.i just do483
12.i wish i were a train404
13.if you dont know by now427
14.it wouldnt be love546
15.ill always have denver512
16.im already taken559
17.ive been in that movie468
18.katie wants a fast one346
19.longer letter later413
20.love me like you love me363
21.make it look easy378
22.road trippin713
23.since you walked away373
24.six pack ago441
25.so much458
26.some fools never learn356
27.talk to her365
28.tattoos of life392
29.thats love for you598
30.the harry shuffle484
31.turn in the road327
32.two teardrops336
33.waiting in the wings545
34.you be my everything383
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