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steve earle, steve earle arklar, steve earle ark szleri
1.a bible and a gun358
2.a country song332
3.a far cry from you389
4.a little bit in love365
5.all of my life386
6.angel is the devil418
7.angry young man331
8.annie, is tonight the night339
9.another town322
10.are you sure hank done it this way332
12.baby let me follow you down418
13.babys in black464
14.back to the wall359
15.before they make me run381
16.ben mcculloch380
17.billy and bonnie345
18.billy austin359
19.blue yodel653
20.breakdown lane376
23.carrie brown367
24.cckmp cocaine cannot kill my pain431
25.christmas in washington381
26.close your eyes352
28.connemara breakdown454
29.continental trailways blues362
30.copperhead road376
31.country girl320
32.creepy jackalope eye337
33.cry myself to sleep396
34.crying, waiting, hoping425
35.dead flowers365
36.devils right hand479
37.dirty old town378
39.dominick street524
40.dont take your guns to town425
41.down the road438
42.elijahs church488
43.ellis unit one382
44.esmeraldas hollywood491
45.even when im blue488
46.everyones in love with you509
47.fearless heart397
48.feel alright360
50.ft worth blues342
51.good ol boy gettin tough448
53.goodbyes all weve got left458
54.goodnight irene393
55.guitar town379
56.halo round the moon603
58.hard-core troubadour418
59.harlan man408
60.have mercy328
61.here i am373
62.high fashion queen312
63.hillbilly highway451
64.hometown blues385
65.hopeless romantics360
66.hurtin me, hurtin you599
67.i aint ever satisfied487
68.i can wait387
69.i dont want to lose you yet473
70.i love you too much341
71.i still carry you around326
72.i thought i was dreaming373
73.if i should fall from grace with god369
74.if you fall407
75.if you need a fool361
76.in the jailhouse now327
77.it takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry301
78.its all up to you466
79.im looking through you480
80.im still in love with you502
81.johnny come lately345
82.johnny too bad393
83.justice in ontario327
84.leroys dustbowl blues470
85.little rock n roller422
86.little sister332
87.lonelier than this356
88.long, lonesome highway blues286
89.loves to blame714
90.lucy dee396
92.me and the eagle401
93.mercenary song340
94.more than i can do402
95.mustang wine386
96.my baby worships me371
97.my back pages350
98.my old friend the blues415
99.my uncle333
100.mystery train part ii384
101.nashville cats309
104.no deal374
105.northern winds491
106.nothing but a child364
107.nothin but you474
108.nothin without you655
109.now shes gone663
110.nowhere road377
112.once you love345
113.open up your door385
114.open your window451
115.outlaws honeymoon481
116.over yonder jonathans song403
117.paddy on the beat519
119.poison lovers322
120.poor boy395
121.promise you anything365
122.racing in the street338
123.regular guy307
124.rexs blues512
125.rivers of babylon1190
126.san antonio girl340
127.saras angel808
128.saturday night and sunday morning345
129.shake, rattle and roll377
130.shes about a mover525
131.sin city382
132.sincerely too late to turn back now380
133.six days on the road442
134.slippin away429
135.snake oil400
136.some dreams382
138.sometimes she forgets400
139.somewhere out there364
140.sorry dwayne532
141.sorry sue420
142.south nashville blues334
143.squeeze me in343
144.state trooper403
145.steves last ramble430
146.summer wages326
147.sweet little 631
148.sweet virginia380
149.take it or leave it366
151.tecumseh valley348
152.telephone road386
153.texas eagle331
154.the boy who never cried404
155.the crush446
156.the devils right hand448
157.the galway girl404
158.the graveyard shift510
159.the mountain332
160.the other kind341
161.the other side of town338
162.the rain came down372
163.the truth345
164.the unrepentant367
165.the week of living dangerously372
166.the window song380
167.think it over405
168.this highways mine roadmaster491
169.time has come today339
170.tom ames prayer444
171.transcendental blues381
172.until the day i die401
173.valentines day482
174.waiting on you368
175.west nashville boogie337
176.whatll you do about me414
177.whats your name478
179.when i fall348
180.when the people find out364
181.when will will be married350
182.when you fall in love348
183.wherever i go429
184.while you sleep379
185.white freight liner blues362
188.you belong to me385
189.you know the rest354
190.you tear me up382
191.yours forever blue377
192.youre still standing there492
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