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stereophonics, stereophonics arklar, stereophonics ark szleri
1.a minute longer364
2.a thousand trees393
3.billy daveys daughter648
4.caravan holiday416
5.check my eyelids for holes423
6.climbing the wall400
7.everyday i think of money370
9.goldfish bowl355
10.half the lies you tell aint true528
11.have a nice day414
12.help me shes out of her mind556
13.high as the ceiling404
14.hurry up and wait388
15.i miss you now626
16.i stopped to fill my car up329
17.i wouldnt believe your radio533
18.is yesterday, tommorow, today368
19.im alright you gotta go there to come back561
21.just looking392
22.last of the big time drinkers386
23.local boy in the photograph390
24.looks like chaplin524
25.lying in the sun387
26.madame helga389
28.maybe tomorrow532
29.more life in a tramps vest369
30.mr writer370
31.nice to be out353
32.not up to you371
33.nothing precious at all358
34.pick a part thats new335
35.plastic california379
36.rainbows & pots of gold332
37.roll up and shine415
39.same size feet316
40.she takes her clothes off372
41.since i told you its over484
42.step on my old size nines398
43.t-shirt suntan381
44.the bartender and the thief400
45.too many sandwiches354
47.vegas two times442
48.watch them fly sundays404
49.you stole my money honey391
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