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steps, steps arklar, steps ark szleri
2.a love to last412
3.after the love has gone454
4.baby dont dance575
5.back to you340
6.better best forgotten429
7.better the devil you know418
9.careless whisper410
10.chain reaction382
11.deeper shade of blue428
13.hand on your heart361
14.happy go lucky617
16.here and now409
18.human touch396
19.i know him so well376
20.i surrender442
21.i think its love555
22.if you believe397
23.in it for love387
24.its the way you make me feel571
25.just like the first time366
26.last thing on my mind442
27.lay all your love on me391
28.learn to love again346
29.love u more410
30.love you more434
31.loves got a hold on my heart567
32.make it easy on me413
33.mars and venus406
34.movin on604
35.my best friends girl457
36.my best friends girl671
37.never get over you373
38.never say never again409
39.one for sorrow417
40.only in my dreams374
41.paradise lost383
42.say youll be mine562
43.since you took your love away370
44.stay with me366
46.summer of love424
47.thank abba for the music384
48.this heart will love again370
49.to be your hero426
50.too busy thinking about my baby410
51.too weak to resist400
54.were gonna have a party593
55.when i said goodbye402
57.words are not enough408
58.words of wisdom441
59.wouldnt hurt so bad539
60.youll be sorry604
61.youre everything that matters to me412
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