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stephen gately, stephen gately arklar, stephen gately ark szleri
1.a different beat347
4.bright eyes362
5.cant stop me581
7.close to you355
8.coming back359
9.coming home now343
10.daydream believer484
11.do without me379
12.dont stop looking for love471
13.everyday i love you393
14.far from love547
15.from here to eternity339
16.games of love358
17.give a little378
18.i believe394
19.i love the way you love me996
20.if only you were here498
21.if you were mine410
22.ill be there449
23.judgement day405
24.just cant say goodbye632
25.key to my life384
26.love me for a reason365
27.new beginning355
28.no matter373
29.no matter what349
30.oh carol385
31.shooting star403
33.te garder pres de moi432
34.waiting for you378
35.wanna be where you are411
36.when all is said and done345
37.when the going gets tough399
38.where do we go378
39.will be yours334
40.words cant describe561
41.working my way back to you381
42.you flew away338
43.you lied429
44.youre the one that i want564
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