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starship, starship arklar, starship ark szleri
2.beat patrol388
3.before i go396
4.blaze of love436
5.cut you down to size422
6.desperate heart367
7.dont lose any sleep445
8.find your way back391
9.girls like you434
10.good heart399
11.healing waters416
12.hearts of the world will understand434
13.i didnt mean to stay all night447
14.i dont know why584
15.its not enough575
16.its not over til its over634
17.ill be there584
19.layin it on the line556
20.love among the cannibals407
21.love rusts403
22.no way out399
23.nothings gonna stop us now541
24.private room412
25.rock myself to sleep391
27.say when529
28.send a message671
29.set the night to music457
30.stand in t396
32.the burn429
33.the children396
34.tomorrow doesnt matter tonight525
36.trouble in mind395
37.we built this city484
38.we dream in color411
39.wild again416
40.wings of a lie350
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