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private universe ark sz

no time, no place to talk about the weather
the promise of love is hard to ignore
who said the chance wasnt getting any better
the labor of love is ours to endure
the highest branch on the apple tree
it was my favorite place to be
i could hear them breaking free
but they could not see me

i will run for shelter
endless summer lift the curse
it feels like nothing matters
in our private universe

i have all i want, is that simple enough?
a whole lot more im thinking of
every night about six oclock
birds come back to the pond to talk
they talk to me -- birds to talk to me
if i go down on my knees

it feels like nothing matters
in our private universe

and its a pleasure that i have known
and its a treasure that i have gained
and its a pleasure that i have known

its a tight squeeze, but i wont let go
time is on the table and the dinners cold


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