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i walk away ark sz

you came
out of this world to me
my life
parted like the red sea
we flowed
easy between the rocks and stones
never seemed to stop us
the years
ended in confusion
dont ask me i dont know what happened
but i am
a man with a mission
must be the devil i dont know

its hard to let go
of all that we know
as i walk away from you
hurled from my home
into the unknown
as i walk away from you

reveal whatever you desire
to you it may be death defying
black day
in the coldness of winter
black words
slipping off my tongue
i say forget it - its over
as a dark cloud covered up the sun

its hard to let go
of all that we know
as i walk away from you
the sun always sets
with room for regrets
as i walk away from you

give it to me
give it to me
your inspiration
give to receive
find all we need
as i walk away

just a slave to ambition
tension your permanent condition
so much youve always wanted
too much given you a sore head


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