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squeeze, squeeze arklar, squeeze ark szleri
2.a moving story339
3.action speaks faster350
4.aint it sad466
5.annie get your gun456
6.another nail for my heart395
7.bang bang431
8.big beng809
9.black coffee in bed388
11.break my heart383
12.by your side368
13.can of worms318
14.cigarette of a single man385
15.cold shoulder398
16.cool for cats350
17.crying in my sleep387
18.cupids toy626
21.donkey talk381
22.dr jazz360
23.electric trains336
24.elephant girl384
25.everything in the world383
27.farfisa beat439
29.first thing wrong361
31.funny how it goes405
32.get smart434
33.gone to the dogs431
34.goodbye girl348
35.got to me359
36.great escape373
37.grouch of the day362
38.hard to find365
39.heartbreaking world319
41.heaven knows323
42.here comes that feeling368
44.his house her home394
45.hits of the year380
46.hop, skip and jump396
47.hope fell down380
49.house of love344
50.i cant get up anymore448
51.i cant hold on510
52.i learnt how to pray387
53.i must go439
54.i think im go go556
55.i want you366
56.i wont ever go drinking again448
57.if i didnt love you491
58.if its love617
59.images of loving334
60.in quintessence387
61.in the morning337
62.in todays room573
63.is it too late354
64.is that love397
65.its not cricket469
66.its over572
67.its so dirty633
68.ive returned439
69.jolly comes home358
70.king george street375
71.labelled with love329
72.last time forever442
73.letting go364
74.little king381
75.long face391
76.lost for words402
77.love circles332
78.loves a four letter word450
79.loves crashing waves468
80.loving you tonight431
82.man for all seasons393
83.melody motel380
84.messed around378
87.mumbo jumbo435
88.no place like home393
89.on my mind tonight371
90.onto the dance floor372
91.out of control363
92.out of touch359
93.peyton place385
95.picking up the pieces374
97.play on368
98.points of view335
99.pulling mussels from the shell400
100.remember what338
102.rose i said349
104.separate beds365
105.she doesnt have to shave486
106.short break397
107.slap and tickle347
108.slaughtered, gutted and heartbroken387
109.sleeping with a friend350
110.slightly drunk379
111.some americans504
112.some fantastic place423
113.someone elses bell460
114.someone elses heart489
115.sound asleep391
116.spanish guitar394
117.splitting into three370
118.squabs on forty fab338
119.stranger than the stranger on the shore331
120.striking matches352
121.strong in reason358
122.sunday street355
123.take me im yours539
124.talk to him400
125.tears for attention385
126.temptation for love361
128.the apple tree348
129.the call335
130.the day i get home400
131.the elephant ride371
132.the fortnight saga363
133.the prisoner370
134.the truth358
135.the very first dance423
136.the waiting game491
137.there at the top369
138.there is a voice376
139.theres no tomorrow629
140.third rail370
141.this could be the last time382
142.this summer357
143.to be a dad362
144.tongue like a knife377
145.touching me, touching you341
146.tough love471
147.true colours the storm385
149.trust me to open my mouth388
150.up the junction398
151.vanity fair383
152.vicky verky494
153.wagon train374
154.walk a straight line362
155.walk away342
156.wedding bells372
157.what the butler saw420
158.whats wrong with this picture497
159.when love goes to sleep354
160.when the hangover strikes379
161.who are you367
162.wicked and cruel354
163.within these walls of without you390
164.without you here333
165.womans world588
166.wrong side of the moon417
167.you cant hurt the girl487
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