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spain, spain arklar, spain ark szleri
1.bad woman blues410
2.before it all went wrong477
3.born to love her502
4.died at calvary500
5.do you see the light498
6.dreaming of love476
7.easy lover577
8.every time i try449
9.her used-to-been588
10.hoped and prayed437
11.i believe472
12.i lied513
13.i love you426
14.if we kissed451
15.its all over614
16.its so true680
17.im leaving you791
18.long time ago629
19.make your body move887
21.nobody has to know469
22.oh that feeling421
23.our love is gonna live forever614
24.phone machine461
25.ray of light463
26.she haunts my dreams413
28.ten nights477
30.waiting for you to come494
31.world of blue481
32.your were meant for me724
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