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sophie b hawkins, sophie b hawkins arklar, sophie b hawkins ark szleri
1. lines371
2.as i lay me down694
3.bare the weight of me433
4.before i walk on fire421
5.california here i come432
6.carry me408
7.damn i wish i was your lover392
8.did we not choose each other439
9.dont dont tell me no546
10.dont stop swaying578
11.help me breathe321
12.i need nothing else407
13.i walk alone454
14.i want you399
15.let me love you up502
17.live and let love401
18.lose your way361
19.mmm my best friend415
20.mr tugboat hello370
21.mysteries we understand339
22.no connection450
24.only love the ballad of sleeping beauty485
25.right beside you330
26.saviour child380
27.sometimes i see396
28.strange thing435
29.swing from limb to limb my home is in your jungle387
30.the darkest childe341
31.the one you have not seen402
32.the slumber boat hidden song553
33.true romance660
34.we are one body471
35.your tongue like the sun in my mouth354
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