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understand your man ark sz

dont call my name out your window, im leavin
i wont even turn my head
dont send your kinfolks to give me no talkin
ill be gone, like i said
youd say the same old thing that you been sayin all along
lay there in your bed, keep your mouth shut til im gone
dont give me that old familiar cry n cuss n moan
understand your man
im tired of your bad mouthin
understand your man

you can give my other suit to the salvation army
and evrything else i leave behind
i aint takin nothin thatll slow down my travelin
while im untanglin my mind
i aint gonna repeat what i said anymore
while im breathin air that aint been breathed before
ill be as gone as a wild goose in winter
then youll understand your man
meditate on it
understand your man
dya hear me talkin
understand your man
remember what i told ya
understand your man...


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