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passacaglia/a bud and slice ark sz
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passacaglia/a bud and slice ark sz

give me a bud and a slice
and leave me alone
if i want your advice, ill ask ya
they tell me caviars nice, but i wouldnt know
so whats it to you?
who needs your airs
and your micro-brew?

look at the sun
see how it hangs
so still in the sky

give me the new tv guide
and get off the phone
go on and take sides, its not my problem
waiting for worlds to collide in the comfort of home
they say lucifers free
what shall we do?
dont ask me

but its not like i never go beyond these walls
ive got culture
i go to the movies
last week, saw the new tarantino
starring - shit, whats that guys name again?
you know the scene where they put the blowtorch to his balls?
bloody brilliant
my daughter threw up, she didnt understand
i told her, its just like the beano
its not real
and if it was, well, so what?
lets all lighten up

give me a bud and a slice
and leave out the book
ive got one of those, thank you
as for the guru you prize, he might be a crook
and las so hot
still, i might go
or might not

look at the sun
see how it hangs
so still in the sky


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