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my enemies ark sz

i sit and concentrate, and try hard not to hate my enemies
i try to picture them dressed up as furry little bunnies
but when i look into their glass eyes
i can see theyre cold and hard and pink

hopping round, hopping on their two legs
cute little legs, hopping around and...

i think of dictators who were known to have been especial brutes
and i try to picture them gathered together in their bathing suits
but when i look down at their bodies
i can see theyre warm and soft and pink

standing around, standing on their two legs
two little legs, standing around and...

i try to meditate, control my hate just like i know i should
but i cant help myself, and i keep it up because it feels so good
but when i look down at my belly
i can see its pink and soft and weak

kneeling down, kneeling on my two legs
two skinny legs, im kneeling down and...


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