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here on earth ill have my cake ark sz
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here on earth ill have my cake ark sz

some folks say that life is just a veil of tears
not me man i cant pack enough into these years
i dont care if its spring summer winter or fall
make no fuss about the seasons, cause i like em all

here on earth ill have my cake
gonna eat it too, make no mistake
cause if its a question of to be or not to be
ill put on my boots and go see what i can see

my grandpa, well a good christian life he led
worked like a dog just to put a roof over his head
he said that when he died hed get his reward
cause heavens a place where you dont pay room & board

when i die, i hope i dont die too slow
but slow or quick, i hope heaven is the place i go
old st. petes gonna serve me my pie in the sky
and ill say "pete, a side of ice cream, if you dont mind."


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