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bad examples, bad examples arklar, bad examples ark szleri
1.a mindless pop song462
2.a place of her own411
3.ashes of my heart421
4.bad girl626
5.battle hymn of the repugnant450
6.beast within523
7.beautiful bonfire466
8.every poet wants to murder shakespeare466
9.faces in picassos notebook581
10.failing with the best intentions427
11.feed you to the sharks484
12.feeling your head against the wall450
13.from ragtime to rags429
15.hey st peter484
16.i been walkin550
17.its over now591
18.jeune fille in a white sundress434
19.little disasters441
20.long drive back from madison465
21.man underwater498
22.me and my near blind hindsight536
23.new guitar445
24.no distractions442
25.not dead yet446
26.one perfect moment446
27.out of tune song444
28.over my shoulder425
29.promises in the dark438
30.reaching for shadows448
31.reinventing the wheel486
32.rubber cement man473
33.sammy the dog has learned to play trombone439
34.shades of grey541
35.she smiles like richard nixon611
36.squeezing the puzzle together460
37.statue by my phone451
38.swallowing fire443
39.the mask of mona lisa492
40.the master thief has been murdered443
41.the secret of television466
42.this is me578
43.til the cup is broke435
44.trying to prove the earth is flat424
45.which piece is missing461
46.you owe me money501
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