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simon and garfunkel, simon and garfunkel arklar, simon and garfunkel ark szleri
1. oclock news/silent night453
2.a heart in new york552
3.a poem on the underground wall325
4.a simple desultory philippic360
5.all around the world or the myth of fingerprints371
8.american tune324
10.april come she will868
11.at the zoo415
12.baby driver376
14.bleeker street657
16.blues run the game336
18.bookends theme545
19.born at the right time355
20.bridge over troubled water345
21.bright eyes323
22.bye bye love628
23.cant run but489
26.comfort and joy457
27.crazy love, vol ii306
28.diamonds on the soles of her shoes337
29.el condor pasa4554
30.el condor pasa if i could865
31.fakin it432
33.fifty ways to leave your lover527
34.flowers never bend with the rainfall403
35.for emily, whenever i may find her346
36.further to fly353
37.go tell it on the mountain382
40.hazy shade of winter357
41.he was my brother373
42.hearts and bones336
43.hey, schoolgirl/black slacks369
45.homeward bound314
46.i am a rock320
47.i know what i know355
48.kathys song473
49.keep the customer satisfied347
51.last night i had the strangest dream389
52.late in the evening353
53.leaves that are green383
55.me and julio down by the schoolyard345
56.mrs robinson393
57.my little town331
58.old friends463
61.peggy-o traditonal356
63.punkys dilemma753
64.red rubber ball317
65.richard cory319
66.save the life of my child345
67.scarborough fair398
68.scarborough fair / canticle349
69.scarborough fair/canticle373
70.she moves on304
71.slip sliding away390
72.so long, frank lloyd wright543
73.somewhere they cant find me478
74.song about the moon357
75.song for the asking409
77.spirit voices342
78.star carol426
79.still crazy after all these years362
80.that silver haired daddy of mine418
81.that was your mother407
82.the big bright green pleasure machine401
83.the boxer394
84.the boy in the bubble420
85.the coast363
86.the cool, cool river315
87.the dangling conversation379
88.the obvious child346
89.the only living boy in new york619
90.the rhythm of the saints355
91.the sound of silence489
92.the sun is burning335
93.the th street bridge song369
94.the times they are a-changin404
95.think too much a317
96.think too much b391
97.train in the distance350
98.under african skies350
99.voices of old people480
100.wake up little suzie383
101.wednesday morning, am329
102.well never say goodbye531
103.weve got a groovy thing goin486
104.when numbers get serious321
105.why dont you write me523
106.you can call me al410
107.you can tell the world331
108.you dont know where your interest lies428
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