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silkk the shocker, silkk the shocker arklar, silkk the shocker ark szleri
1.all because of you318
2.all night357
4.d-game remix328
5.end of the road336
6.executive thug320
7.for money381
8.free loaders328
9.funny guy365
10.get it up342
11.ghetto rain337
12.ghetto tears307
13.give me the world358
14.got em fiendin572
16.he did that330
17.how many411
18.i want to be with you344
19.if i dont gotta542
20.if it dont make $563
21.if my could talk395
22.it aint my fault452
23.it aint my fault489
24.it takes more351
25.its going around outside520
26.its time to ride534
27.im a soldier525
28.just b straight519
29.let me hit it391
30.made man354
31.mama always told me386
32.me and you330
34.mr 627
36.my homie353
37.my world, my way391
38.na na na452
39.no limit370
40.no limit party368
41.pop lockin584
42.seem like a thug324
43.somebody like me339
44.southside niggas365
45.thats cool493
46.the shocker370
47.them boyz299
48.this for my317
49.throw yo hood up327
50.thug n me425
51.we can dance333
52.what im looking for451
53.whats heaven like496
54.where dey at391
55.who can i trust375
56.who i be355
57.why my homie323
58.you aint gotta lie to kick it625
59.you know what we bout351
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