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bad company, bad company arklar, bad company ark szleri
1. miles679
2.bad man623
3.both feet in the water487
4.boys cry tough449
6.burning up499
7.dangerous age479
8.dead of the night581
9.dirty boy602
11.fame and fortune477
13.feel like making love493
14.here comes trouble455
15.hold on my heart465
16.hold on to my heart458
17.holy water478
18.how about that492
19.i cant live without you481
20.i dont care712
21.if im sleeping682
22.if you needed somebody489
23.lay your love on me456
24.little angel474
25.long walk462
26.love attack438
27.my only one452
28.never too late497
29.no smoke without a fire493
30.one night623
31.rock and roll fantasy460
32.rock of america475
33.shake it up474
34.something about you605
35.stranger stranger499
36.stranger than fiction494
37.take this town445
38.tell it like it is432
39.that girl446
40.the way that it goes470
41.this could be the one463
42.this love485
44.walk through fire401
45.what about you483
46.when we made love504
47.with you in a heartbeat448
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