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standing at the crossroads ark sz

standing at the crossroads

"standing at the crossroads is an old song -- ten years old. its a white country blues, a feeling-sorry-for-yourself kind of song, the typical song i write about the blues hounding me wherever i go. but its done in a melodic way so you dont get depressed about it."

put my heart inside a bottle
and place it on the shelf
im savin my love for you babe
and for no one else
though miles may come between us
my love for you still lives on
the days gone by can never die
no matter how long im gone

oh, im standin at the crossroads
just like a ship adrift at sea
the lbues are like a bloodhound
always comin after me
oh im standin at the crossroads
wonderin which way to go
the blues are like my shadow
theyre with me wherever i go

the times arent always gentle
the people arent always kind
but behind the bend might be a friend
there for you to find
but it seems like all good people
i meet as im travelin through
just sit down to talk and
before we begin
theyre off with their own things to do


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