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shedaisy, shedaisy arklar, shedaisy ark szleri
1.a night to remember519
2.a really really merry scary intro583
3.all over you355
4.before me and you442
5.brand new year my revolution447
6.christmas children398
7.dancing with angels404
8.deck the halls498
9.everybody wants you371
10.get over yourself400
11.hark the herald angels sing/carol of the bells388
12.how can i keep from singing462
13.i will but395
14.i wish i were the rain442
15.im lit552
16.jingle bells406
17.keep me397
18.little good-byes427
19.lucky you tonight im just me534
20.man going down407
21.mine all mine447
26.santas got a brand new bag530
27.sleigh ride388
28.still holding out for you347
29.thats what i want for christmas435
30.the first to let go414
31.the frst to let go394
32.the secret of christmas404
33.this woman needs394
35.turn me on399
36.twist of the magi shedaisy with rascal flatts343
37.what child is this471
38.without your love365
39.cause i like it that way569
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