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shania twain, shania twain arklar, shania twain ark szleri
1.aint no particular way664
2.amneris letter815
3.any man of mine393
4.bite my lip409
5.black eyes, blue tears452
6.come on over413
7.crime of the century376
8.cest la vie520
9.dance with the one that brought you406
10.dont be stupid you know i love you481
11.dont gimme that once over634
12.for the love of him377
13.forever and for always380
14.forget me412
15.from this moment on435
16.god aint gonna getcha for that527
17.god bless the child433
18.got a hold on me423
19.half breed428
20.hate to love405
21.home aint where his heart is anymore427
22.honey, im home488
23.i aint goin down482
24.i lost my heart when i found you377
25.i wont leave you lonely675
26.if it dont take two471
27.if you wanna touch her, ask396
28.if youre not in it for love im outta here635
29.in my car ill be the driver617
30.is there life after love348
31.it only hurts when im breathing518
32.im gonna getcha good680
33.im holdin on to love to save my life459
34.im jealous491
35.im not in the mood to say no469
38.leaving is the only way out403
39.love gets me every time377
40.luv eyes388
41.man i feel like a woman395
43.no one needs to know374
44.raining on our love356
45.rhythm made me do it400
46.rock this country359
47.send it with love364
48.shes not just a pretty face600
49.still under the weather374
50.thank you baby for makin someday come so soon466
51.that dont impress me much614
52.the woman in me needs the man in you427
53.there goes the neighborhood370
54.two hearts, one love327
56.waiter bring me water361
57.wanna get to know you that good408
58.what a way to wanna be345
59.what made you say that374
60.whatever you do dont454
62.when he leaves you358
63.when you kiss me418
64.whose bed have your boots been under401
65.wild and wicked412
67.you lay a whole lot of love on me399
68.you win my love391
69.youre still the one633
70.youve got a way627
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