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pants ark sz

theres a power within me
theres an empire down below
where energy and miracles
are free and often flow

so come on everyody now

men, women, young and old
i can feel your pain
if you touch my pants

my pants love you,
my pants need you,
my pants want you in the middle of the night

cmon everybody now want my pants
cmon everybody now love my pants
cmon everybody now touch my pants
cmon everybody now lick my pants

my pants, theyre a miracle
you know their strength
you know what they feel
when i move they do a dance,
everybody loves my funky pants
london, england, paris, france,
cmon down for a little romance
everybody take a chance

cmon on down and touch my pants

everybody, everybody....
(touch my pants)

mc combusta rockin the house with the microphone
hes gonna tell you a little bit about where hes from

im a sausage, im a sausage
im a spicy european sausage, baby

how ya doin yall,
are you really getting funky now?
are you ready to get funky in the middle of the night, cmon

let me hear you say "yo"
let me hear you say "yoyo"
let me hear you say.... (chanted gibberish)

take a chance with my pants
unzip my pants
pants, pants (repeat)

pants are like jesus
they can cure all known diseases
they get stained when you dip them in cheeses
they get cold in the breezes
youre an ocean, theyre in season
youre a cat, they get fleases
my pants they always pleases

my pants can love you baby,
cmon everybody now love my pants
cmon everybody now lick my pants.


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