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scorpions, scorpions arklar, scorpions ark szleri
1. light years away403
2.a moment in a million years392
5.alien nation422
6.always somewhere530
7.animal magnetism519
8.another piece of meat392
9.are you the one399
11.as soon as the good times roll403
12.backstage queen394
13.bad boys running wild436
14.believe in love365
15.big city nights428
17.born to touch your feelings409
18.but the best for you369
19.cant get enough630
20.cant live without you894
21.catch your train392
22.china white385
23.coming home361
24.crazy world414
26.crying days539
27.daddys girl514
28.dark lady607
30.does anyone know380
31.dont believe her639
32.dont make no promises your body cant keep456
33.dont stop at the top479
34.drifting sun387
35.du bist so schmutzig384
37.evening wind425
38.every minute every day410
39.eye to eye390
40.falling in love459
41.far away465
42.fly people fly453
43.fly to the rainbow387
44.freshly squeezed403
45.hate to be nice396
46.hell cat487
48.his latest flame maries the name509
49.hit between the eyes367
50.hold me tight341
53.in search of the peace of mind390
54.in trance378
55.in your park432
57.is there anybody there542
58.it all depends517
59.im going mad548
60.im leaving you572
61.ive got to be free620
62.kicks after six397
63.lady starlight409
64.leave me510
65.lifes like a river648
66.living and dying451
67.lonely nights464
68.lonesome crow519
69.longing for fire466
70.love on the run446
72.loving you sunday morning387
73.lust or love395
74.make it real338
75.media overkill409
76.mind like a tree416
77.moment of glory370
78.money and fame384
80.nightmare avenue389
81.no one like you367
82.no pain no gain422
85.oh girl i wanna be with you374
86.only a man359
87.passion rules the game386
88.pictured life414
89.polar nights356
91.restless nights439
92.rhythm of love384
93.robot man444
94.rock you like a hurricane411
95.send me an angel538
96.ship of fools449
98.someone to touch402
99.soul behind the face379
100.speedys coming543
101.steamrock fever421
102.still loving you467
103.stone in my shoe347
104.sun in my hand438
105.taxman woman366
106.tease me please me824
107.the sail of charon477
108.the same thrill415
109.the zoo422
110.they need a million378
111.this is my song381
112.time will call your name392
113.to be no392
114.to be with you in heaven404
115.top of the bill681
116.twentieth century man394
117.under the same sun381
118.unholy alliance421
119.virgin killer374
120.walking on the edge408
121.we let it rockyou let it roll409
122.well burn the sky529
123.what u give u get back362
124.when the smoke is going down377
125.when you came into my life469
126.where the river flows402
127.wild child456
128.wind of change427
130.yellow butterfly377
131.yellow raven567
132.you and i363
133.you give me all i need444
134.your light420
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